Exported Charts Save to Documents Section

Charlé West
Charlé West
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Overview: Athennian introduces a convenient new feature in the Structure Charts section, allowing users to seamlessly save exported charts to the Documents section within the platform. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this feature for efficient chart management and accessibility.



How to Use Exported Charts Save to Documents Section:


Accessing Structure Charts:

Navigate to the Structure Charts section within Athennian.

Open the desired entity to view the structure chart that you wish to export.


Exporting the Chart:

In the structure chart interface, locate the export button positioned at the top right corner.

Click on the export button to initiate the export process.


Selecting Export Format:

Choose the desired export format for the chart, such as PDF or other compatible formats.


Export and Save:

Upon clicking the export button, the chart will begin to export.

A notification will appear indicating that the export has started, and users are advised to wait for the process to complete.


Automatic Saving:

Once the export process is complete, the exported document will be automatically saved to the Documents section within Athennian.

Users will receive a notification confirming that the document has successfully saved to the Documents section.


Accessing Exported Chart:

Navigate to the Documents section within Athennian to access the exported chart.

Locate the document in the selected export format (e.g., PDF) and click to view.


Efficient Chart Management:

This feature streamlines chart management by automatically saving exported charts to the Documents section.

Users no longer need to manually upload exported charts, saving time and ensuring efficient document management.