Create a New Report

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Create and save Reports to view data from multiple Entities with the specific data that you need!


Reports: Create New

  1. On the main menu, click the Reports icon 
  2. If no previous Report detail appears on the right side of the screen, proceed to step 4
  3. Or, if the detail from a previous Report appears, click Action and select New from the dropdown 
  4. Select the appropriate Task Type tab at the top of the screen, to select the data that will be available for the Report
  5. In the Report Name field, type the name of the Report being created

Adding Filters to a Custom Report

Filters will specify which Entities should appear in the results of the Report. 

  1. When a report is first created, the default filter will be the Entity Name filter with the word Contains after it
  2. Click on the Entity Name filter to open up the dropdown list of all the available data fields 
  3. Select the data filter from the dropdown list
    Note: a search field is available at the top of this list, type any field names to quickly find the data you want to filter on.  A common first filter on many reports is "Entity Status Is Confirmed."
  4. Click on the Contains field to open up the dropdown list and select your filter qualifier
    Note: the qualifier options will change based on the type of data field.  For example date fields will have Before / After / Date Range options, drop down fields will have Is / Is Not /  Is Blank options, and open text fields, such as Entity Name will have Contains / Does not Contain / Is / Is Not options.
  5. In the last filter field, click to select the specific data to be searched for.  Or if an open text data field was selected, type the data you want to search for. 
  6. Select + OR or + AND to add as many other filters/subfilters as needed
  7. Once all filtering preferences have been selected, click on the Run Report button - notice a table with a list of entities in the Results section.
  8. Click on the Action dropdown beside the Report name and select the Save button

Editing your Report Columns

The columns that appear in the results section can be edited to show the data required.

  1. Once the Run Report button is clicked on and the list of entities in the Results section is visible

  2. Click Edit Columns at the top right of the results to add desired columns to the table
    Note: from this section, users can click on the entity names to be redirected to the entity profiles. 

  3. A new window will pop up prompting the user to check off the various column titles that can be added to the results 
    Note: in the Entity Details section, it pulls up only column titles relating generally to the entity, while the Compliance tab pulls up column titles relating to entity compliance information only- selections can be made from both tabs

  4. Navigate through the tabs, check off the desired boxes, and then select Apply Changes

  5. The additional columns in the Results table should now be visible after applying changes

  6. To export the report, click on Export, to select either Export to XLSX or Export to CSV - both options will download a copy of the report onto the user's computer

  7. To save the report, click Action > Save at the top of the page next to the name of the report - the report will be saved and listed in the left panel of the Custom Reports section for future use

  8. Toggle the Lock button to prevent other users from making changes to the report