Understanding Teams

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Learn how teams work in Athennian!

Athennian automatically assigns a new user a personal team when that user creates a new account with Athennian. That new personal team is labeled as "[user's email]'s Team". Thereafter, that user may be added to as many other teams as they wish. To switch between teams, or to manage the teams you are a part of, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on your team in the top righthand corner of your window - a dropdown list will appear;

  2. The first team in the list will be the team you're currently in, whether it be your personal team or another team;

  3. If you scroll through the list, you will find a list of all of the teams you are a part of;

  4. To switch between teams, simply click on the desired team to be redirected to that team;

  5. To manage your teams, scroll down to the bottom of the dropdown list and select Manage Teams;

  6. Clicking on Manage Teams will bring you to your Workspace where you will find the details of all of the teams you are a part of - you will be able to see the members of the teams you're a part of, as well as theirs and your user accesses in each of those teams;

  7. It will be written (Current) next to the team that you're in;

  8. Simply click Switch To This Team to switch between the teams;

  9. You can invite a user to your team by switching to the desired team, and then clicking Invite in that team - note: you can also invite another user from the Dashboard by clicking on the + Invite button located next to your team;

  10. Once you click Invite, whether it be from the Workspace or your Dashboard, depending on what type of user you are, you will be given the option to invite different kinds of users. To learn more about how to different user accesses work, consult the User Role help article;

  11. If you have the required user permissions, you can also edit or delete a team by navigating to that team, clicking the three dots at the far right of the team, and then click either Edit or Delete from the dropdown list;

  12. From your Workspace, you can create a new team by clicking + New Team at the top of the screen;

  13. To search through your teams, simple type the name of the team in the search bar at the top of the list of teams;

  14. At the top of the list of teams, you can also select/deselect the Restricted Teams and Unrestricted Teams to narrow the results of the list of teams you're in.

  15. To go back to your dashboard, click on the logo on the top left corner of the page