Restricted Teams

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Learn how to create and manage a restricted team in Athennian!

The Restricted Teams feature is a quick and easy way to give access to individuals to entities contained in a client's Athennian database. With the ability to place an entity or multiple entities into a Restricted team, external parties will be able to view the data at either Read-Only or Summary-Only user level, and they will not be able to access any other data outside of that Restricted Team or manipulate the data within that Restricted Team in any way.


Creating a new Restricted Team is as easy as following the steps listed below:

  1. Log into Athennian;

  2. From the dashboard, on the far right, click on the profile dropdown to select Settings; Users can also click on the drop-down arrow in their current team on the far right corner and scroll down the list depending on the number of teams and click on Manage Teams;

  3. In your Workspace, select +New Team, enter the new name of the Restricted Team, check off the Restricted box, and then click Create (see Screenshot 1);

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the newly created Restricted Team;

  5. Switch back into the team containing the entities by hovering over the team to click on the Switch to this Team button;

  6. Then click on the top left corner of the page, and click on the Athennian Owl or your company logo, and navigate to the Entities section of the team;

  7. Check off the entities to be shared with the Restricted Team (see Screenshot 3);

  8. At the top of the list, select # Selected and then select Share / Unshare (see Screenshot 3);

  9. A new window will pop up prompting to select the Restricted Team to share the entities in; check the box the button to share in the new Restricted Team and then select Apply (see Screenshot 4);

  10. Once Apply is selected, an icon will become visible next to the checkboxes of the entities shared with the new Restricted Team - this means they have successfully been shared with the team; and

  11. Navigate back to your Workspace, switch back over to the Restricted Team and then select your company Logo or the Athennian Owl to view the shared entities (see Screenshot 5);

  12. To switch between teams from the Entities view in the restricted team, click on the profile icon in the top righthand corner of the application, select Settings, and then select Workspace at the top of the screen - this will bring the user back to the list of teams they've been invited to.

To learn how to accept an invitation to a restricted team and to navigate through that restricted team, consult the Invitation to Restricted Teams article.


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Key points to note about the Restricted Teams

  • The Entities tab is the only tab that can be accessed from a Restricted Team;

  • Entities can be viewed by clicking directly into the entity record just like in the main team;

  • When Invite is selected, a list of the entities shared in the Restricted Team will appear to remind the user which entities will be viewed by the invitee;

  • Neither the Administrator of the Restricted Team nor the invited users can modify the information set out in the Restricted Teams; and

  • Entities must be modified from the main team; all changes made in the main team will automatically be reflected in the Restricted Teams.

Restricted Teams Permissions