Adding an Address to an Entity Record

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Learn how to add entity addresses in Athennian!

To learn how to add addresses to an entity's profile in Athennian, follow these basic steps:

  1. Navigate to the Entities tab;

  2. Search and select the profile of the entity for which you would like to add an address;

  3. Navigate to the General > Addresses & Agents tab;

  4. Ensure that the address you would like to add is not yet listed;

  5. Select the + New button at the top of the list;

  6. Select Import from Profile to import the address of another person/entity into this person's list of addresses - Note: this would most often be used if we are importing an address for a service provider, professional services firm or other type of vendor;

  7. If you would like to create an address from scratch, ignore the previous step and start entering the data in the various fields - Note: the only required fields are those with the asterisks. However, the more information you enter into the database, the more you get out of it;

  8. Enter the Address Name, add the name of an individual in the Attention line if necessary, and select the Type of address from the dropdown menu;

  9. In the Enter a location field, start typing the address, and let Google Maps do the searching for you. A list of addresses will appear below the field - simply select the field and watch Athennian populate the address fields below it with the address you've selected;

  10. Select + Add Field to add an additional field to the address such as a Suite/Apartment number, PO Box, etc.;

  11. Select Create in the bottom righthand corner once you've added all of the necessary information;

  12. In the Addresses tab of the entity's profile, you will now see the new address listed there.

To learn how to combine entity addresses, consult Merging Entity Addresses help article.


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