Changing an Entity Name

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Learn how to do an entity name change in Athennian!

This help article will give a step-by-step process on how to change the name of an entity in Athennian.


Change of Entity Name

  1. Navigate to the profile of the entity where the name change is needed;

  2. Navigate to the Tasks section and select + New to create a new task;

  3. Enter the name of the task in the Memo Description field;

  4. Select Change of Company Name from the dropdown list in the Type field - look for the 2. Change of Company Name tab appears in the window;

  5. Navigate to the 2. Change of Company Name tab;

  6. In the 2. Change of Company Name tab, enter the New Company Name;

  7. Enter the Effective Date and then enter the name reservation information where applicable;

  8. Navigate to the 3. Supporting Documents tab and select + Supporting documents to add the applicable supporting documents to the task;

  9. Check off the desired templates and select Add to add them to the task;

  10. Click Create to create the task, and then select Generate Documents to generate the supporting documents;

  11. Click View Documents Now - this will redirect to the Documents section of the entity where the documents will be able to be viewed, modified, and sent out for signature/filing;

  12. Once the name change has been filed with the appropriate government authorities and all required signatures have been obtained, navigate back to the Tasks section and click on the change of company name task most recently created;

  13. In the top righthand corner, click on the status of the task and select Completed from the dropdown list;

  14. Once Completed is clicked, a new window will appear where confirmation is needed for Proposed Name, select the update type, whether that be Review shareholdings within each affiliated entity, and use the transaction workflow (Change to Shareholdings) to cancel and re-issue certificates or Globally update all shareholdings to reflect the updated legal name, check off whether or not the certificates will be canceled and reissued, and make selections from the Required checklist (See screenshot 1 below);

    • Note: If the first update type is selected, making the necessary shareholder name changes will be required in the affiliate entities using the Other transaction type in each of the affiliate entities' Securities > Shares tab.

    • If global change is selected, it would change all the information in the system aside from issued certificates. It would not cancel and re-issue any outstanding certificates held by the individual that the name change was completed.

      If however, the global change update was not to be selected, it would only change the name of the individual but would leave all past outstanding share certificates/transactions in the old name intentionally. Then, what is able to be done is to change the shareholdings and re-issue certificates manually in the new name going forward.

  15. Make the applicable selections, and then select Confirm;

  16. Save and Close the task.

Review/Modification of Data in Entity Profile

  1. Navigate back to the General > Entity Details page of the entity - the new name of the entity and the previous name will be listed in the Previous Names section;

  2. Navigate to the General > Addresses & Agents section;

  3. Hover over the far right of the address records listing the previous entity name and select Update;

  4. Enter the new Address Name of the entity and then fill in the remaining information;

  5. Select Confirm and then repeat these steps for the other addresses carrying the previous name of the entity;

  6. Navigate to the Securities > Shares section, and then navigate to the Certificates tab of any given share class - if Cancel and Reissue Certificates have been selected in the Change of Company Name task, all of the previously active certificates will have been canceled pursuant to the Entity Name Change, and that new certificates will have been generated with the new name of the entity.


Screenshot 1: