Adding and Managing Company Groups

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Learn how to create and manage company groups

Within an entity, you can assign a Company Group to allow for running reports and to quickly determine which entities are part of specific defined groups. 

Once you have an entity, navigate to the General tab and then to Entity Details. Here, you can see the Company Group associated with that entity (if any).




When you select the Company Group field, you will receive the drop-down menu below, where you can Search for a group, Create a new group, or Manage groups. 




Create New Group

Creating a new group is very simple. Once you select Create new group, the below window will pop up for you to type the name for your New Group.




Manage Groups

If you want to edit or delete a Company Group, select Manage Groups from the Company Group dropdown menu. This will open a window that displays all the Company Groups in the database.

Simply select the Edit button to update the group name, or the Delete button and it will be permanently deleted.