Notice of Agent for Service Changes in Alberta Corporations

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How to add a required Agent for Service using Athennian's new form templates

A new Agent for Service requirement for Alberta corporations and Alberta non-profit companies has gone into effect for all incorporations, amalgamations, continuances into Alberta, and revivals/restorations that occur on or after the proclamation date. (March 29th, 2021). Existing Alberta corporations and non-profit companies will have one year after the proclamation in which to appoint an agent for service.


With this change in mind, Athennian has created form templates that are easy to use and access, giving you the ability to generate the documents you need when adding the new Agent for Service to the Athennian system. Take a look here to see how to do this in Athennian: Appointing an Agent


Once you’ve added the New Agent for Service, you’ll have the ability to file the changes with the Agent for Service form Athennian has provided:



Adding the New Agent along with preparing the required Agent for Service Form:

You can watch the full process of appointing an agent, registering that agent, and using a task to prepare the necessary form attached here:


In order to add a registration compliance task with the New Agent for Service form, you are going to want to head over to tasks (in the entity), and click on new. In the memo description, title the task with the appropriate name and fill in the required details.


In general, make sure you add any required resolution dates, effective dates, or reference dates.


Under the supporting documents tab, select the + supporting documents button and scroll the selection until you find the Notice for Agent for Service for Alberta Corporations form.


Select add, and then hit save. You have now successfully created a task for the registration of the new Agent for Service requirement for that entity.


If you need help accessing this Agent for Service form, feel free to reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager and they will be able to assist with the process.