Merging Duplicate People Records

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Merge existing duplicate people records to create one person record

Athennian has created a tool to clean up multiple entries of one person in the database. A great addition to your Athennian arsenal 💥 to keep those corporate records solid and reliable!


Follow these steps on your epic journey to superior corporate records:

  1. Navigate to the People tab at the left of your screen;

  2. Once selected the screen will open up to all the People entities set out in your corporate records;

  3. Use the Search function at the top right of the screen to find the multiple names to be cleaned up;

  4. Type in the similarity of the related names and these parties will appear;

  5. Check off the duplicate records, and select # Selected at the top of the list of persons;

  6. Select Combine from the dropdown list - a new window will pop up;

  7. Confirm that the Surviving Profile and the Retiring Profile are properly set - if they are not, simply click the arrows between the two to switch them;

  8. Confirm that you would like Athennian to remove the retiring profile, and make the surviving profile inherit all of the Interests, Addresses and Responsibilities of the retiring profile;

  9. Select Confirm;

  10. A screen will open that indicates the surviving profile will merge with the retiring profile - select Yes to confirm - the duplicated profile will be removed and all of its attributes will be inherited by the surviving profile;

  11. If there are more that two duplicated, you will repeat steps one through 10 to combine the remaining duplicate records;

  12. A small green note will appear at the bottom left of the screen noting that the duplicate profile has been removed and consolidated to your currently selected profile. Select View Now in this note;

  13. This will bring you to the Interests tab of the surviving person profile and will indicate the positions held (director/officer/securities) in all related corporate entities;

  14. One last step to ensure that all this connected information is firmly tied together: Navigate to the Person tab on the left;

  15. Select your current person profile;

  16. On this screen, move to the Aliases/Execution field in the Contact tab;

  17. Open this field and select the Save button at the bottom right of the screen -
    this will finalize all information connected in the entities merged to this one Person entity!

Quick video on how this works: