Importing Share/Unit Classes

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Learn how to Import a Share or Unit Class if you have already set up a Share Class within the platform and wish to duplicate the details.

From an Entity Record, navigate to the Governance tab and select Share Classes. (Note that if your entity is an LLC or Partnership Entity Type, your Share Classes tab will actually be called Unit Classes).


If you are working in a brand new entity or have simply not created any classes of securities yet, your Share Classes tab will be empty—it will simply say No classes to manage. To create one, click on the + New, and then select Share Class from Import


Select the applicable Entity, then the Share Class of your choosing.



Select the applicable previously created Share Class that you wish to import.


Once you have selected your desired Entity and Share Class, click Import at the bottom right-hand corner of the box.


Your Share Class has now been successfully imported 😀


You can now head to the Securities > Shares > Transactions tab begin issuing securities.