ISC / Transparency Register

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Learn how to track individuals with significant control in an entity in Athennian!

Listing an individual with significant control ("Controller") has never been easier to do in Athennian, and this article shows how!


Creating the Controller Profile

  1. Navigate to the profile of the entity in which a Controller is to be listed;

  2. Navigate to the Principals > Controller tab;

  3. Click + New to open up the workflow;

  4. In the Profile field of the 1. Profile tab, select Person or Entity from the dropdown menu, and select the person or entity the Controller is to be added to - Note: if the person or entity is not yet listed in the database, simply click New in the bottom left of the window and create a new person/entity record;

  5. In the top righthand corner, indicate the Status of that Controller as Confirmed, Incoming, Outgoing, and Inactive;

  6. In the 2. Title tab, the Controller title will be selected by default - enter the Start Date and Interest Description for the Controller along with any Notes (See Screenshot 1 for example);

  7. Navigate to the 3. Address tab to record the address of the Controller;

  8. Navigate to the 4. Review tab to confirm the information that has been put in and select Create to add this Controller to the entity's profile.

Generating the ISC/Transparency Register

  1. In the Principals > Controllers tab, select Principal Register in the top righthand corner;

  2. Check off the template in the database for the ISC/Transparency Register;

  3. Select Merge and then View Documents Now to be redirected to the Documents section of the entity profile to view the register.

Annual Maintenance of the ISC/Transparency Register

Each year, when required to make any notes on steps taken to ensure that the ISC/Transparency Register is up to date, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the controller record - a panel will appear on the righthand side (see Screenshot 2 for example);

  2. Select the Notes tab at the top of the panel, and then select New at the bottom of the panel;

  3. A Note window will appear prompting to enter the new note;

  4. Enter the Date, Details, and then click Save;

  5. The note will be added to this controller's record.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:


Here is an example of what the register looks like once all the data has been inputted: