Adding/Removing Users from a Team

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Learn how to manage users in a team

Follow these simple steps to add or remove users from a team:

  1. Once you're in the Athennian application, click on your icon in the top right hand corner of the screen;

  2. In the dropdown list that appears, select Settings;

  3. Once you're in Settings, navigate to the Workspace at the top of the browser;

  4. Switch to the team in which you would like to add or remove a user - it should be written (Current) next to the team you're currently in;

  5. Under the team name, click on Members to view the current users in the team;

  6. To modify a user's access, click Edit at the far right of the user's name;

  7. To remove a user, click Remove at the far right of the user's name;

  8. To add a user to the team, click Invite at the far right of the name of the team, add the Email of the new user, select the user access you would like to give that user, and then click Invite in the bottom right hand corner.