Uploading Alf Cards to Athennian

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Learn how to quickly upload single or multiple ALF Cards directly into your Athennian database!

Uploading an ALF Card from your computer into in Athennian is easy to do. You can even upload up to 25 at once! Follow these steps to get the data into your Athennian database:

  1. Navigate to the Entities section of Athennian;

  2. Select +New in the top left hand corner;

  3. You will see a drop down, select Entity from Import;

  4. A window will appear under Format select ALF;

  5. You can now either drag and drop the ALF Card file (.txt) into this window or Choose Local Files;

  6. Click Continue and the ALF Card will be uploaded into the Athennian database;

  7. You should now see the newly imported entity in the system in a Pending Status

Note that we create an Import Task under Tasks in the entity record uploaded. This will show you a report of all the data that was uploaded for your review and records.