Deleting Transactions & Certificates

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Delete is looking pretty sweet!

We’ve all been there - something is missing, or isn’t quite right and you need to start all over. If you ever need to delete transactions or certificates, Athennian has your back!


When deleting transactions, users will not only get a view of all the certificates, shareholdings, and transactions that will be impacted by the deletion, they also have the opportunity to delete all related transactions at the same time OR delete the one selected transaction.

Follow these steps;

  1. Select the Entity for which a transaction is to be deleted
  2. Select Securities and then the Shares/Units tab

  3. Locate the Transaction that you need to delete and click on the ••• icon to the very right

  4. Choose Delete


✨ After selecting Delete, a detailed workflow for deleting transactions and certificates will display. Here, any new statuses, impacted Certificates and Shareholdings and what the cascading repercussions of this delete would be, will be show.

Users can now choose to:

Cascade Delete - to delete the selected transaction/certificate and at the same time, reverse all downstream transactions affected by the selected transaction/certificate.



Admin Delete - to delete only the selected transaction/certificate. This will leave all downstream transactions intact, and users will be required to manually delete any transactions that are made invalid by the deletion of the single transaction.


Make your selection using the tabs in the workflow on the left. Once satisfied with the selection, click Delete. The Transaction, Certificates and Shareholdings will be updated appropriately.

🚨 Note: Both Delete actions are PERMANENT and can not be undone once actioned.