Share Split Enhancements 🍌

  • Updated

The splitting shares workflow just got better... you can now consolidate share certificates at the same time!

As many of you already know, share splits are used to increase the total number of authorized shares. To keep your data clean and accurate, Athennian offers a number of options to complete this action.


To perform a share split:

  1. Open an entity record and select Governance > Share Class

  2. Click on the share class you’d like to execute the split in and then choose Alter Class

  3. Select Split Share and then add the necessary information in the window

✨ You’ll notice two important options:

  • The ability to cancel and re-issue all share certificates in this class to reflect the new volume of shares following this action.

  • Once you've selected the above option, you'll also be given the option to combine multiple certificates within one holding into a single certificate.

When done, click Save and watch the magic happen!