Organizational Documents

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Use tasks to generate all organizational documents


Athennian allows you to generate any kind of organizational document required for an entity including bylaws, organizational resolutions or consents, share subscription documents, and related share certificates and ledgers. To learn how to generate organizational documents, follow these simple steps:

  1. After an entity is formed and all information necessary for organizing the entity is recorded in the database, navigate to the Tasks section of that entity and create a new task;

  2. In the new task window, enter a Memo Description;

  3. In the task Type field, select Organizational - note: if you are not already in an entity profile, you will be required to select an entity profile;

  4. Navigate to the 2. Organizational tab of the task window;

  5. In the 2. Organizational tab, add the Share Activity and Principal Activity you would like to appear in the organizational documents, meaning any transactions, certificates, directors, officers, or managers' information;

  6. Once step 5 is completed, navigate to 3. Supporting Documents and select the templates you would like to generate - note: depending on how your templates are coded, you may need to have your directors, officers, or addresses in a Confirmed status for your documents to generate appropriately;

  7. Select Create on the task to make sure it is saved, and then click Generate Documents to generate the documents;

  8. Select View Documents Now to review the documents you've generated. Send them out for signature using Athennian's e-sign tool or the DocuSign integration to get the documents signed electronically.

For video instructions, watch the following video: