Correcting Transfers

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Learn how to correct transfer transactions and related certificates!

Athennian makes it extremely easy to correct transfer transactions! Here is the step-by-step on how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Entities section of the Application and select the entity for which a correct to a transfer transaction is needed 

  2. Then click on Securities > Shares section down the lefthand side of the screen;

  3. In the Transactions tab, select the transfer transaction that needs to be corrected;

  4. Once in the transfer transaction itself, under the "From Shareholding" information section, Click on the editable field under the "Total Shares Disposed" and fill in the correct number of shares

  5. Then scroll down to the "To shareholding" section and type in the number of shares in the editable field under the "Total Shares Acquired" section. Any necessary modifications could also be made to the share price, transfer number, e.t.c. 

  6. Once these changes have been made, click on the Update in the bottom righthand corner to effect the changes

The changes made in the transactions section would automatically update the certificates as well.

Video Instructions: