Bulk Appointment of Principals

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Learn how to bulk appoint directors, officers and directors.

Athennian allows you to appoint a principal to multiple entities simultaneously, and here's how:

  1. Navigate to the People tab;

  2. Select the record of the person you would like to appoint to multiple entities;

  3. Navigate to the person's Interests tab;

  4. Click on the + New button at the top of the screen to create the new affiliations;

  5. A new window will pop up prompting you to enter the information on the entities for which you would like to appoint the person, as well as his titles and address;

  6. In section 1. Profile, confirm/add the person's information;

  7. In section 2. Entities, add as my entities as you like by selecting + Entity and choosing the entities;

  8. In section 3. Titles, add the titles and election dates, and fill out the remainder of the fields as necessary - you can follow the instructions set out in this help article to learn how to enter principal appointment information in Athennian;

  9. In section 4. Address, confirm that the address is accurate;

  10. In section 5. Review, review that the information you've entered is accurate, and then select Create;

  11. In the Interests > Principal tab of the person's record, you will see all of the new affiliations you've just created;

  12. Click Export at the top of the list to export the list of affiliations to a CSV file on your computer.

  13. Follow the steps listed in the Generating Supporting Documents portion of this help article to generate the supporting documents in each of the new entities.