Why Is My Organizational Chart Not Working?

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Solutions for trouble shooting org charts

Athennian allows you to visualize organizational charts for your parent company and its subsidiaries, but occasionally you might come into a scenario where your organizational chart is not properly working.

If your organizational chart is not working within Athennian, it is possible the following might be at fault:


Parent company shares have been issued to a subsidiary

If you have issued shares of a parent company to a subsidiary, the organizational chart will not visualize any entities within the group. This is due to the restriction of “corporate incest” laws in which subsidiaries are not permitted to hold shares of their parent companies.


While we understand that there are rare instances within certain jurisdictions where this is permitted, Athennian is not able to support these occurrences.


Check out our video tutorial on creating a share class for information on how to do this:


Note: If you find that some subsidiaries are missing from the org chart of the entity you're in, click on entities on your left and then on search to be sure there's only one entity in the system with same name. This often happens if the entity in question was imported from legacy systems. You may find that the subsidiaries are under the duplicate. To merge, select both entities and combine by clicking on the drop down arrow at the top.