Using Athennian Coding Assistant for Microsoft Word

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Quickly code your documents for automation in Athennian

Athennian's Coding Assistant for Microsoft Word is designed to help you code your documents with automation fields and syntax faster. Stop wasting time trying to manually code documents, and automate it with the Coding Assistant's tested and accurate code blocks for any document type. To use Coding Assistant, install it into your version of Word from  Microsoft AppSource.Once you have installed Coding Assistant, you will see the Athennian Coding Assistant icon in the top right of your Word window. Click to open it. Once opened, click "Get Started" to open Coding Assistant. You do not need an account to use it.

Once you have opened Coding Assistant, use the search bar to find the type of coding block you need. If you want to see blocks related to directors, then search "directors" and the results will be displayed. 

To insert a code block, place your cursor in the document where you want the text to appear and click on the code block in  Coding Assistant.  Your code block will then be inserted into your document and ready to use. 

You can edit and format your text as you would with any other type of text in your document.