Overview: Reports

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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With all Entity information centralized in Athennian, the Reports feature can be used to summarize that data, across multiple Entities all in one Report.

Every organization may enter their data a little differently, so Reports allow every user of Athennian to create Reports that will meet their own unique needs. 

Need a list of all the Entities in a Specific jurisdiction?  Reports have you covered!

Want to see all the Registrations that haven't been filed in over a year?  No problem!

How about a list of all the Directors and Officers for a group of Entities?  We got you!

Anatomy of a Report

Click on the Reports icon on the menu bar on the left to open the Reports feature.

Understanding Reports - Anatomy of a Report.png


Saved Reports

  • All Saved Reports will appear in the panel on the left
    • This panel is collapsable, click the <- arrow in the top right corner of the panel
    • If no report is selected, the right side will appear blank to create a new report 
    • Click to select any Report and the details will appear on the right
    • You can adjust the filters of any saved Reports to refresh the data required
    • Click Run Report to generate results at the bottom of the screen

Types of Reports

  • The Type of Report is in the bar across the top of the page
    • The Type of Report will impact what data is available to Filter or appear in the Results
    • Data stored in Entity Details and Compliance are available on every Report Type
    • Every other Report Type will add the data related to the Report Type
    • For example, the Affiliations Report can access data that is stored in Entity Details, Compliance, and Affiliations

Data Filters

  • The Data Filters will appear below the title of the Report
    • Data Filters are used to specify which Entities should appear in the Results
    • For example, the results will include all Entities, so use Filters to specify the File Status of Confirmed or Pending to see only active records

Report Results

  • The Report Results will appear at the bottom
      • The columns that appear in Results can be edited as needed to show the data required

For more information, check out the Reports Tutorial for a deep dive into using Reports.

Or if you prefer a written step-by-step instruction, check out the Create a New Report article.