Adding or Changing a Registered Agent

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Learn how to add or change a registered agent!
To add or change a registered agent, navigate to the General section in the entity where this change is to be made and click on the Addresses & Agents tab as shown below:

In the Addresses & Agents tab, click on the + New button at the top and then enter the required information such as the agent Name, Attention, Type & Address. Click on the drop down arrow in the Type field and select "Agent" then type in the address in the search bar to auto populate the address information into the appropriate fields. Once the information is entered, select Create in the bottom righthand corner of the window to confirm the addition of the registered agent.


The new registered agent will appear in the Addresses & Agents section as shown below.


To modify the registered agent, simply click into the agent, scroll through this information and modify it as necessary. Once modifications are completed, simply select Save to confirm the changes. To delete a registered agent, click on the Delete button in the same window.