Creating a New Contact

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This article outlines steps on how to create a new contact and the different types of contacts.

A Contact can be created either from the General > Overview > Contacts > +  section of an entity. 

Or from Affiliations. Navigate to Relationships > Affiliations > + New > Contact. A new prompt will appear to input data to add the Contact.


1. Details

Click on the PROFILE TYPE drop-down and select either Entity or Person.

Click on + Add Profile to select the Contact's profile or click on New to create a new Person or Entity Record if the Contact is yet to be created in the application. Enter any notes on the contact in the Notes field.


2. Addresses

Click on + Add Address to select an address for the contact.

Note: If none exists in the application, click on + New, enter the address information and click on Create.

Once a new address is created, you can click on Apply. 


3. Roles

In this tab, click on + Add Role to select what type of role the contact. 

In the Role drop-down, you can choose Agent Contact, Alternate Contact, Billing Contact, Contact, etc.

If they have a custom title, create a new title in the Custom Title field or leave it blank if not applicable. Enter the Effective Date then click on Add.

Click on + Add Role to add additional roles they play if applicable. If not, move on to Registrations.


4. Registration 

Click on + Add registration. 

Select a registration if applicable and click on the Apply button.

Note: Contacts created with the following Role types - Alternate Contact, Billing, and Contact, cannot be linked to a registration. They are only associated with the entity.

A new Registration cannot be created from the Contact modal. A registration would need to be created first to link a Contact to it. 


5. Documents 

Click on + Add Documents to add any relevant documents if applicable.


If satisfied with the data inputted, click on the blue Create button.