Signing Authority (From Associations)

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This Article provides steps on how to create a Signing Authority using the Holding Contact & Holding Participant Affiliation type

Shareholding contacts can be created in an entity using the Holding Contact and Holding Participant (Non-beneficial Owner) Affiliation type to record data on the signing authority of an entity.

From within an entity, navigate to the Relationships section and click on Associations > New > Holding contact or Holding Participant. Work through all 6 steps to enter information on the Signing Authority.


1. Participants

The Profile type and Participant type fields are both locked in with the Entity name. The Notes field can be used to enter any relevant information as applicable

2. Entity


3. Addresses

Click on +Addresses to select an address for the contact. If none exists in the application, click on +New, enter the address information and click on Create. 


4. Roles

  • Holding Contact - The Role field is locked. However users may use the Custom Role field to enter a more personalized title for the holder
  • Holding Participant - The Role field is locked in as Non-beneficial Owner. In the Holder field, select the option that best suites the participant's ownership either as an Administrator, Executor or Trustee of the Shareholding. A Custom title can also be created by typing the information in the field and hitting the Enter key to save the entry.

Enter the Effective Date and End Date if applicable,  then move to the next tab.  


5. Holdings

Click on +Pick Shareclass and select the relevant share class from the list. Then click on +Shareholding and add the shareholder information for which a signing authority is being created.


6. Review

This tab pulls up the all the information entered in order to create the signing authority. If satisfied with the data inputted, click on the Save button.