Creating Other Professionals

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To create Other Professionals, follow these simple steps!

Other Professionals are any organizations or people who have a relationship with the entity, for example, additional service providers, banks, lenders, etc.

Navigate to Relationships > Affiliations section of the entity and click on + New > Other Professional. A new page will pull up with 4 dropdowns to input data on the professional. 

1. Details

Once selected, a box will pop up to enter the other professional's details. Select the PROFILE TYPE (either Entity or Person) and click on + Add Profile. Use the search bar to select an existing profile to add. If the profile has not yet been made for this entity or person, click the New button at the bottom right-hand corner. Add NOTES if needed.

2. Addresses

To add an address, click the + Address button.

If there is already an address associated with the profile, select an existing address and hit the Apply button or add a new address type by clicking + New at the bottom right-hand corner of the box.

3. Role

Click on + Add Role and select Roles like Banker, Auditor, Opposing Counsel, etc. Use the custom title field to search for existing custom titles or create a new custom title if applicable.

4. Documents

Click on + Add Documents to select any relevant documents to link to the affiliation, if applicable and click on Link to affiliation.

Once everything is confirmed accurate, click the blue Create button at the bottom right-hand corner of the box.