Bulk Replace, Retire & Delete an Affiliation

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Follow the steps below to Bulk Replace, Retire & Delete an affiliation from multiple roles!

To replace, retire or delete Agents, Responsible Professionals, Other Professionals, and Contacts who have multiple roles within an entity, 

  1. Navigate to the Affiliation Tab in the entity where the bulk action will be carried out
  2. In the search bar, type in the name or role of the participant OR use the filters to narrow down the search and hit apply
  3. Check off the select all checkbox at the top left of the list
  4. Click on the selected drop-down list at the top and select an action - Bulk Replace, Bulk Retire, or Bulk Delete
    • Bulk Replace - In the Replacement profile page, select the Profile type either as an Entity or a Person. Note: The Profile Type for a Responsible Professional can only be a Person.
      Click on +Address to add an address for the profile. If more than one address is selected, click on the re-order button to align as needed.
      Add the Effective Date and click on Replace. The replaced profile will have an inactive status and the replacement profile will have a confirmed status.
    • Bulk Retire - Enter an Effective Date and click on the Retire button.
    • Bulk Delete - Click on the Delete button. Note: This is a permanent change and cannot be reverted.