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This article provides insights into what the Participants section is all about!

The Participants section functions as the section that holds all affiliations that exist in a given entity. This is particularly useful if looking to see the full scope of activity a record has within an entity without navigating through different sections to find the information. 


In the Participants section of an entity, users will see;

Search - The search bar is used to pull up data based on a date range, an affiliation's name, title, or role.

Filter - Use the filter button to filter your search either by Role, Status, Start or End Date Range and click on the Apply button. Use the Save Filter button to use the saved filter at a future time after entering the filter name in the blank field. Saved filters can be found in the drop-down menu beside the Filter button at the top

Generate - To generate participants related documents, click on the generate button

Export - To download a .xlsx file based on the search or filters set, click on the Export button