Creating Shared Addresses

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There are 3 cases for shared addresses.

1. Records Office

The records office is the location where the corporation is required to keep its corporate records. The corporation's records office may be kept with a law firm so that the lawyers may certify information about the corporate records of the corporation.

2. Registered Office

The registered office is the place where the corporate registry sends the annual reports.

The registered office is also the place where directors of a corporation may send their notices of resignation. For example, the registered office must be located in British Columbia if you have a BC corporation or in Canada if you have a Canadian federal corporation.

3. Shared Address

The entity is a subsidiary of a parent company and uses the same mailing, billing, and head office address as the parent company so you share the address.


Here is how to add the different types!

Navigate to General > Addresses > Shared and click the blue New button. Select Shared Address.


1. Participant

Select the PROFILE TYPE and select a profile.

If the profile has not yet been made for this entity, click the New button at the bottom left-hand corner of the box. When creating a new entity profile, a NAME is required. Enter all other relevant details and click the blue Create button.

Add NOTES here if needed.


2. Addresses

To add an address, click the blue + Address button.

Multiple addresses may be added by clicking the + Address button again and repeating the previous steps.


3. Roles

Add the ADDRESS TITLE and ROLE by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the title most relevant to them.

Add the EFFECTIVE and END dates by selecting the date on the pop-up calendar. If entered manually, please ensure that the date is in this format:


Both dates are not required and can be left blank.


4. Review

And finally, this tab is to review that all relevant information has been entered accurately.

Once everything is confirmed accurate, click the blue Save button at the bottom right-hand corner of the box.