Filtering Affiliations & Associations

  • Updated

Add some filters to narrow down a list of Affiliations or Associations!

  1. To narrow down the list of Affiliations or Associations, you can apply Filters such as role, status, and dates (start, end, and resolution). This filter can be saved by entering a custom name and clicking Save filter for future use.
  2. To change the order of the Affiliations, click on Reorder to drag and drop the affiliations in the order desired.
  3. Affiliations may also be sorted by Status, Role, and Dates by clicking on the column title and it will sort in ascending or descending order.
  4. Once the filters are added, click Apply. To start over, click Clear all filters.
  5. To permanently delete a filter, click Delete Filter.

Please note that changing the order of affiliations will be reflected in the documents generated.