Upcoming changes to Charts

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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We are pleased to announce we have made improvements to Athennian's Charts functionality 🥳!  Over the last year, we have successfully worked to rebuild the engine that visualizes entity data relationships into a chart to support complex structures, filtering, sharing, and data management. 


Head on over to the charts release article for a complete overview of all the exciting changes!


💡 Next steps and other things we are thinking about

Based on the feedback you have shared we have outlined what the future of Charts could be. If you have additional feedback we would love to hear it through the Feedback Center or feedback@athennian.com.




Beneficial Ownership 

You can show and hide people with significant ownership or that are listed as beneficial controllers in an upward view of the structure. 

Toggle Entity Details

Add or remove data points about entities from the shapes in the org chart. Examples of data points include:

  • Biographical Entity Details
  • Voting Percentage
  • Equity Percentage
  • Shareclass name and number of shares
  • Directors and Officers

Navigate to Selected Entity from Org Chart

Click on an entity in the org chart and navigate to the entity’s profile in Athennian.

Filtering Entities based on Data

Refine org charts and show/hide different entities based on the following values:

  • Country
  • Region (Province/State)
  • Company Group
  • Entity Type
  • Minority/Majority ownership (based on voting or equity percentage threshold)

Line & Shape Formatting

Format relationship lines with options for changing the thickness, colour, style (example dashed), and opacity. This can be used to differentiate affiliates, subsidiaries and wholly owned subsidiaries. 

Define what shape you want to represent either an entity type or tax status. 


Save data and style preferences for org charts in a stylebook. If you have multiple org chart types that you need to produce for different stakeholders or scenarios, these types can be saved as “styles” in the Stylebook so the preferences can be applied in one click. 

Landscape and Portrait Mode for PDF Export 

When exporting to a PDF

Additional Format Options

Download to JPG and improved SVG where objects are ungrouped to facilitate easier editing. 

Improved Org Chart interactions in Athennian

We will be reviewing the experience of viewing and interacting with an org chart in the application to make it more user friendly.