🥳 Released: Improved Charts

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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We are delighted to announce the feature formerly known as Org Charts has been renamed to Charts, and with the new name come some exciting capabilities! 


Here's the bigger updates first:

Multi-parent Ownership 👪

When two or more entities hold equity interest in a subsidiary, multiple relationship lines will be reflected with a line from each respective parent entity to the relevant subsidiary. 

Hook Stock🪝

Hook stock, when a child entity holds an ownership interest in a parent, is reflected accurately in all charts.

Upward Connections 👆

One click on the new Show upward connections checkbox and you will see the target entity you are viewing in addition to all its relationships.  When viewing upward connections, all connections to the target entity, regardless of distance and direction, will be revealed.

New formats for exporting charts ⏬

In addition to the SVG format currently available, you can now export any chart in PDF and PNG formats. Note: when exporting in PDF or PDG the exported document will include what is represented on your screen.  If you're zoomed in on a chart, only the portion you are zoomed in on will be included in the export.  So be sure to zoom in or out based on what you need included in the document.


Some smaller updates to look for:

  • Show and hide entity details 🙈 - a new tick box so you can view a more consolidated org chart showing only the entity name, or reveal all available details on the entity (Entity Registration ID, Tax ID Number, Formation Date, Country, Region).
  • Modernized representation of entity types and tax structures ✨ - each entity is represented as a rectangle.  Entity type or tax structure will be represented as a symbol in the bottom right corner of the larger rectangle. Note: if a tax structure is set, the tax structure is represented and will take precedence over any entity type.

🎥 Want to see them in action?  Take this tour!

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