Generating Capitalization Tables

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Cap Tables can now be generated in Athennian from the Transactions page and the information pulled into the report is grouped into two - The  Summary Capitalization Table and the Detailed Capitalization Table.

A. Summary Capitalization Table: This sheet summarizes the total number of outstanding shares and percentage ownership across share classes in the entity.

B. Detailed Capitalization Table: This sheet breaks down the number of outstanding shares and percentage ownership for each shareholder in the entity.

Now let's walk you through how to generate a Cap Table in Athennian; 

  1. Select the Entity to generate a Cap Table for

  2. From the tabs on the left select Securities and then click on Shares

  3. Under the Transactions tab click on the Cap Tables Button


  4. Set the date by clicking on AS-AT DATE field and using the calendar pop, select the date the Cap Table should be generated as of


  5. Click Export and an XLSX document with a basic Cap Table format will be generated.

    Video Instructions: