Video: Introduction to Athennian - Users and Read Access

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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Ready to start using Athennian?  You are in the right place!

This video series is designed to take you through the basics of Athennian.

(To change the playback speed or enable / disable closed captioning, click on the cog icon in the bottom right corner of the video.)

Athennian Tour

Start your journey with Athennian with a high-level introduction to the application. 

Accessing Athennian

How to log in and log out of Athennian, using SSO or email and password.

Entities Searches, Filters, and Favorites

Find the Entities you need, and create Filters to limit results to specific criteria. 

Understanding Addresses - including Registered Offices

Understand how Profile Addresses and Shared Addresses are designed to work, and how to set up a Registered Office for an Entity.

Navigating Data Connections

See how Entity and People data is connected in Athennian.

Document Generation

How to generate Corporate Summaries, Ledgers, and Registers.

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