Change of Company Name Task

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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There are two ways to change an Entity name in Athennian: 

  • Use the Change of Company Name Task to track history of legal name changes or to generate  documents related to the change of name
  • Or, Change Entity Name (without a Task) directly within the Entity Details without a Task

This article provides step-by-step instructions to change the name of an entity using a Task.  


Task Type: Change of Company Name

  1. Navigate to the entity record that requires the change of name and the 
  2. In the Tasks section, select + New to create a new task
  3. In the Memo Description field, type a "title" for the task
  4. In the Type field, select Change of Company Name from the dropdown list 
  5. Populate the 1. Details tab with any additional detail, including the Due Date, Assignee, Priority, Details, or Tags
  6. Click Create to save the Task with the new detail populated
  7. Navigate to the 2. Change of Company Name tab
  8. In the New Company Name field, type the new name of the entity
  9. Populate the required Effective Date (and if applicable, Resolution Date or Reference Date)
  10. If additional detail is needed, click on Show More at the bottom to add details such as: Consent To Use Name, Name Reservation ID, or Name Reservation Dates
  11. Click Save to update the Task with the new detail populated
  12. If generating documents for the name change, navigate to the 3. Supporting Documents tab (skip to step 21 if no documents are required)
  13. Click on + Supporting documents to add the applicable supporting documents to the task
  14. Select the desired templates and select Add to add them to the task
  15. Click Save to update the task
  16. Then click Generate Documents to generate the supporting documents
  17. New documents will be saved in the Documents section of the Entity, or view documents directly from the task on 4. Generated Documents 
  18. Change Task Status in top right from New to Pending
  19. Click Save, then proceed with getting any documents signed as needed
  20. To finish the task and implement the change of name, click on the Task Status in the top right corner and select Completed 
  21. A new window will appear to confirm next steps:
  22. Select the type of update: 
    • Review Shareholdings Within Each Affiliated Entity - select this option if you want to cancel and reissue existing certificates with the new entity name 
    • Globally Update all Shareholdings - this option will automatically update all existing Shareholdings for this entity with the new name
      • If Global Update is selected, then choose the related Certificate detail: 
        • Cancel and Reissue Certificates
        • Combine multiple certificates within one Holding to a single certificate 
  23. Check all boxes on the Required Checklist
  24. Click Next to proceed
  25. Save and Close the task

Note: Once the Change of Company Name Tasks is Completed, be sure to review the entity for any follow-up procedures required by your organization. For example:  

  • Generate new documents to save in the Minute Book
  • If "Review Shareholdings" was selected above, none of that Entity's holdings will have been updated with the new name, complete the appropriate Shareholder Name Change transactions