Formatting Text Styles: upper, lower, firstCase

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This article goes over formatting text using the upper, lower, and firstCase functions.

Bold, Italics, Underline

To format text in bold, italics, or underline, you can apply Microsoft Word’s functions directly on the variable.


This document is generated as of {todaysDate | time}.


This document is generated as of 2023-01-05.

Formatting Functions

The following functions are used to format the appearance of the data as it will appear in your document.

Function Description Input Output


uppercase {entityName | upper} PLANTA PLANTARE CO.


lowercase {entityName | lower} planta plantare co.


first letter capitalization {entityName | firstCase} Planta Plantare Co.
NOTE: firstCase is not recommended for use with an individual's name, as it would force names containing mixed capitals into first letter capitalization format (eg. Ronald McDonald Ronald Mcdonald)