Creating Consistency with Subtemplates

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Doc Auto Team
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Subtemplates are templates within templates. They are most commonly used for frequently used headings and signature blocks. They are used to create consistency in templates and efficiency in the coding process. 

Setting Up Subtemplates

  1. Upload your subtemplate into the Templates Manager. Go to this article to learn how to upload templates Uploading Documents (Template Manager)

  2. Subtemplate names must not contain spaces of special characters. The use of underscore (“_”) is permitted. Ideally, we would recommend using camel case when naming a subtemplate.

  3. Change the template type to “Subtemplate” and click “Done.”
    Screen_Shot_2021-09-23_at_1.06.58_PM.pngThe settings page will now look like this:Screen_Shot_2021-09-23_at_1.13.35_PM.png

Using Subtemplates

  1. Use the include function to add your subtemplate into your document.

    {:include directorSignatures}
  2. In the document settings, add the subtemplate(s) used in the document. First, click “Subtemplate” on the bottom of the settings.

  3. Choose the relevant subtemplate(s) from the list. You may use the search bar for easier functionality
    The subtemplate will now be linked to this template in the document settings.
  4. Click "Save" 

⚠️ If there is a subtemplate included in a document and you have not added it to the document settings, it will cause an error when generating the document.

⚠️ Always verify that the font and the styles used in the subtemplates are the same as the ones used in the main document.