Entity Search Filters

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This article provides steps on how to search for entity information using Filters. With the Filters, users can apply any combination of criteria such as Status, Jurisdiction, Formation Dates, etc.

A. Create and Save a Filter

  1. Navigate to the Entities section of the Application on the left
  2. Click on Filter to open up the filtering options availableScreenshot_2022-12-19_at_9.40.29_AM.png
  3. Set desired filter criteria from the options that appear at the top of the screen
  4. Click on Apply
  5. Review the results of your search at the bottom of the screen and confirm the filter is accurate
  6. To save this filter for future use, click on Filter again
  7. Click on +Save filter
  8. Type a Name for the new filter
  9. Click on Save

B. Search Using Saved Filters

  1. Navigate to the Entities section
  2. Click the filter dropdown pickerScreenshot_2022-12-19_at_9.38.10_AM.png
  3. Select a saved filter from the filter picker dropdown to apply the filter

C. Clear Applied Filter 

  1. Option 1 - After applying a filter click the red X to the right of the filter dropdown.
    Note: this does not delete the filter, just removes it from your search results.
  2. Option 2 - If needed, expand the filter criteria menu by clicking the filter criteria dropdown. In the bottom left of the filter criteria menu click the red clear all filters button to remove any filters.


D. Delete a Saved Filter

  1. Navigate to the Entities Section
  2. Select a saved Filter from the filter picker dropdown
  3. Click the Filter dropdown box to reveal filter options
  4. Click Delete Filter to permanently delete the filter