Vesting Schedules

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Learn how to add and manage vesting schedules!

Vesting Schedule details vary from organization to organization, which is why they’re completely flexible and customizable in Athennian.

To create a new Vesting Schedule for an entity:

  1. Open the record and then select General > Securities > Vesting Schedules

  2. Click New and enter a name, the Length, and the Interval

  3. Click ‘Add Scheduled Event’ to add a custom cliff or other event

When ready, click Next to review the details. Athennian will automatically break down the schedule based on the information you’ve entered.

If you’re happy with this information, click Save. If you’re setting up an Employee Stock Option Plan, the next step would be to create an Option Plan, learn more here.

Note: The Preview in the Vesting Schedule can also be especially helpful to use as a calculator for seeing when Options or Warrants are vesting, and what is available to exercise.  Simply change the Start Date and Grant Amount in the Preview section to calculate Exercise totals.

Learn how to add and manage vesting schedules in the short video below!