Accessing Athennian Variables Using Developer Tools

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Accessing Developer Tools

There are 3 main ways to access Google Chrome's Developer Tools:

  1. View > Developer > Developer ToolsScreen_Shot_2022-02-16_at_10.56.14_PM.png
  2. Google Settings > More Tools > Developer Tools
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
    Mac Users: ⌥ the Option (alt) + ⌘ the Command () key + I
    Windows User: Ctrl + Shift + I

Configuring Developer Tools for Athennian Coding

  1. When the Developer Tools are accessed, you will first land on the Console view, which can look a little intimidating. 
    😱  Don't be intimidated! 

  2. Use the filter to ensure you are only seeing the data associated with the "variables," which will bring up all <DXT_variables> paths 

  3. Clicking into each <DXT_variables> path, you will see all the collections and variables for the most recently merged/generated document in the Preview, which are listed in alphabetical order. 
    Expand each collection to see the single variables or any sub-collections!

Tips & Tricks

How do I code with the Developer Tools?

The Developer Tools allow you to see all the variables that are available through each specific workflow (eg. when generating a Share Register through the Register/Ledger buttons, the variables that you may code with will be different from the variables available if you are generating a document through an Annual Compliance Task)

Make sure you are merging/generating the document through the right workflow, and have the Developer Tools open before you click Merge/Generate. Once the document generated screen ✅ appears, you will see the <DXT_variables> path outlined above, and be able to see all the variables that you can use!

The Data You Know

Using a familiar entity record or a test entity you created can go a long way in helping you understand the shape of data as it's stored in Athennian. For example, if you know the entity number of a record, you can easily find the corresponding variable by looking for that entity number in the Developer Tools. 

Docking the Developer Tools Pane (See it Your Way)

The Developer Tools can be viewed from different sides of your screen based on your preference. Use the More button to see the docking choices. This setting will be saved once set (or you can leave it as the default).


The options appear as follows (in the order they appear from left to right in the Dock Side choices.

Pop-up as a separate window:


On the Left side of the screen (within the same browser window):


On the Bottom of the screen (within the same browser window):


On the Right side of the screen (within the same browser window):