Understanding: Generating Documents in Athennian

Amy Carr
Amy Carr
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This article focuses on Generating Documents in Athennian.  For more information regarding other possible exports, check out Overview: Extracting Data from Athennian

Documents in Athennian will pull data from an Entity or Person record and populate that detail into a Word or PDF document.  These documents are coded to pull this data using Document Templates are required to be coded to pull the specific data required.
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Document Templates might be Standard Templates (included), or Custom Templates created specific to your organizational requirements.  Many Document Templates are also configured to be available only for specific jurisdictions or record types, so not all documents will be available for all records.
Examples of available documents include, but are not limited to: 
Entity Documents
General > Overview Section
  • Generate Summary
  • Including Corporate Summary, Entity Summary, Jurisdictions list
Principals Section
Securities > Ownership Section
Relationships > Affiliations or Associations
  • Appointment of Agent  
  • Manager / Partner Registers
  • Disclosure of Interest

Task Documents

Many Standard Template Documents are only available through the creation of a Task, including:

Formation & Organizational Documents

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Resolutions
  • By-Laws

Change of Principal Documents

  • Director / Shareholder Resolutions 
  • Government Forms
  • Consent to Act as Director

Securities Transactions Documents

  • Redemption or Transfer Resolutions
  • Eligible Dividends
  • Instrument of Transfer

Merge / Amalgamation Documents

  • Articles of Amalgamation
  • Merge Resolutions
  • Government Forms

People > Associations

It is also possible to generate Documents for a specific Person record in Associations: 

  • Director & Officer Registers / Lists
  • Member / Partner Registers
  • Indemnity Agreement
  • Beneficial Ownership
  • Disclosure of Interest
  • ISC Register
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