Word Online Integration

  • Updated

Users are now required to login to Microsoft 365!

Effective March 6th, 2021, users will now be required to log into Microsoft 365 when using the Open in Word Online feature to edit documents in Athennian.


Typically authentication to Microsoft 365 lasts about 30 days but this is dependent on certain conditions used to determine the risk the result of which may require authentication sooner.


Additionally, Administrators of customers using Azure AD Single Sign-On for identity management may tweak authentication requirements to be at any interval deemed fit.



Troubleshooting Tips! 🛠

Some users may experience difficulty being redirected to Microsoft 365 login path. If this occurs, it may be due to it being blocked by the user's browser.

To unblock this, click on the icon as seen in the screenshot below:

Then select the option to allow pop-ups and redirects.

Once that step is completed, the sign-in/sign-up screen will come on.


Got any questions? Reach out to our customer support team!