Athennian AI: Centralize

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How to Use the New Athennian AI Feature

Athennian AI helps centralize data across teams and tools efficiently. Follow these steps to utilize this feature effectively!



  • Ensure your team has access to Athennian AI.
  • Purchase AI credits to enable the feature.


  • Time Efficiency: Reduces document upload time significantly.
  • Centralization: Streamlines workflows by centralizing document management.


Getting Started

  1. Sign in to Athennian: Once logged in, you will see the new Athennian AI feature on the left sidebar.
  2. Open Centralize: Click on the Centralize Skill to open the main document page, which lists all incoming and filed documents.
  3. The top left dashboard provides an overview of:
    • Hours saved through document uploads.
    • Number of documents successfully filed.
    • Documents ready for review, indicating their pending status for validation and filing.

Document Upload

  • Supported File Types: Currently, Athennian AI supports uploading PDF, JPEG, PNG files.
  • File Size Limit: The maximum file size allowed is 7MB per document.
  • Email Size Limit: The maximum email size is 25MB.

There are two primary ways to upload documents:

  1. Using the Upload Button:
    • Click the "Upload with AI" button.
    • Drag and drop files or upload directly from your desktop (supports PDFs, JPEGs, and PNGs).
  2. Using the AI Email:
    • Each team has a unique AI email address.
    • Share this email with team members or external parties to send documents directly to Athennian AI.

Upload Example

  1. Drag and Drop: Drag a document (e.g., an appointment of officers) from your desktop to the upload area.
  2. Processing Status: The AI processes the document, changing its status to pending once done.
  3. Review and Validate: Open the document to review the information, validate, and confirm for filing.

Email Upload Example

  1. Send an Email: Email documents to the AI email address.
  2. Acknowledgment: Receive an email acknowledgment listing the submitted documents.
  3. Error Handling: If a non-supported format (e.g., Word documents) is sent, an error message will be received.
  4. Review in Dashboard: Documents appear in the dashboard for review.

Document Details

  • Automatic Suggestions: Athennian AI suggests the appropriate entity and folder for the document.
  • Editable Fields: Edit the entity or folder if needed, and create new entities if they don't exist in the system.
  • Document Metadata: The AI picks up details like document name, effective date, and description.

Filing the Document

  1. Validation: Ensure all details are correct.
  2. File: Click "File" to complete the process. A notification confirms successful filing.

Managing Access

  • User Access: Set AI access for team members in their access level settings.
  • Email Usage: Anyone can email documents without needing Athennian user access.
  • User Permission Requirements: To use Athennian AI, an individual must have user-level or higher role permissions. 

Credits Usage

  • Credit Consumption: Each document upload uses one AI credit.
  • Filter Options: Filter documents by status, errors, submitter, or date range. Save filters for team use.



Enjoy using Athennian AI to enhance your team's productivity and streamline your document management processes! If you are interested in our new AI feature, please your Customer Success Manager.