British Columbia: Change of Address Filing

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Learn EFile a change of registered and records office in British Columbia

  1. When in Addresses & Agents of Athennian change the status of the existing addresses Outgoing:
    - Registered Office - Mailing
    - Registered Office - Delivery
    - Records Office - Mailing
    - Records Office - Delivery

  2. Once those have been changed enter the new addresses by selecting +New in the top left-hand corner and ensure to set those as Incoming.

3. After all, the new addresses have been put in it should look like this:

4. The next step is to go to Tasks click +New and create a task with the type of Change of Address:

5. On the left-hand side of this window, you will see 2. Change of Address, navigate here, and add the new addresses into Incoming and Outgoing as required.

6. Once you have all the address placed in Save the Task in the bottom right corner. At this point, you can navigate to 3. Supporting Documents and prepare any of the required documents for this filing.

7. When you are ready to EFile this transaction you come back to the Change of Address task you created and select the File Change of Addresss. You will be presented with a screen to review all the information you have put in the database and once verified click File.

8. You will recieve a confirmation of the filing within 5-10 minutes and the finalized filing will be sent to you the next day. All of the filed documents will be returned directly into the Virtual Minute Book and you will recieve an in application notification.