British Columbia: Annual Report Filing

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Learn how to EFile an annual report in British Columbia

To EFile an annual report with the BC Online Registry, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to the entity profile for which you would like to file an annual report, select the Tasks section, and then select + New to create a new Annual Compliance Task;

  2. In the task Type field, select Annual Compliance from the dropdown list and add a Memo Description for your new task - note: once you will have selected this task type, a 2. Annual Compliance tab will appear;

  3. Navigate to the 2. Annual Compliance tab to add the relevant dates;

  4. You will notice a File Annual Report button available to you in this tab; this will only be available for filings in either BC or ON;

  5. Add the relevant dates in the Annual Report Date as well as the Effective Date and the Fiscal Year to Report fields;

  6. Select Show More and fill in the remaining fields as required;

  7. Navigate to the 3. Supporting Documents tab and select + Supporting Documents to generate the applicable documents;

  8. Select the appropriate templates and then click Add to include them as the supporting documents for the Annual Compliance Task;

  9. Select Create in the bottom righthand corner of the window to create the task, and then select Generate documents;

  10. Select View Documents Now to be redirected to the Documents section to edit, review and send the documents out for signature;

  11. Once all of your documents are signed and completed, navigate back to the Annual Compliance Task, go to the 2. Annual Compliance tab and select File Annual Report;

  12. Confirm the information set out in the draft Annual Report filing and then file the report;

  13. Once the report is successfully filed, the filed documents will be added to the Virtual Minute Book and the user will receive a notification either in the Notifications section or as a green message in the bottom left hand corner of the screen;

  14. Once the report is filed, set the task to Completed by selecting the status tab in the top right of the task card - once you select Completed, you will be prompted to confirm information and update various fields in the database;

  15. Check off the box for Update home report last filed date to update the relevant field in Athennian;

  16. Check off the box for Create next annual compliance task to set a new task for the next annual compliance due date;

  17. Finally, select Confirm in the bottom righthand corner of the screen to finish the workflow.