Ontario: Initial Return Filing

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Ontario EFile uses our Initial Return Task to automatically send the required information to the Ontario Registries and files the Initial Return for an Entity with a click of a button. The documents will then be automatically brought back into Athennian after filing into the Virtual Minute Book

Prior to clicking File Initial Return button in the Initial Return Task, you will want to ensure all of the following required fields are populated.


General / Entity Details:

  • Client Number
  • Entity Registration Number 

General / Compliance:

  • Incorporation date

General / Addresses & Agents:

  • Registered Office Address
    • Jurisdiction Region is required to be Ontario

Principals / Directors

  • Each Director's record must have the following information:
    • Status set as Incoming or Confirmed
    • First Director box checked off
    • An Address containing less than 10 characters in each address component

Principals / Officers

  • Up to five officers

  • A Senior Officer is no longer required
  • An Address containing less than 10 characters in each address component (for each officer)

Task / Initial Return

  • In 1. Details, add the Due Date.
  • In 2. Initial Return, add the Resolution Date.
    • Add the profile of the Director/Officer or Other person who the filing is certified by
  • In 3. Supporting Documents, add any documents desired.


Once all of these fields have been completed fully you can now proceed with clicking File Initial Return on the task. Enter in the name and title of the person authorizing the filing and click File.

If you happen to forget anything we will let you know at this point as well. Ensure to review this screen carefully as this is the information that will be submitted to the Ontario Registries. 

You will receive a notification on the bottom left corner of the Application once the documents have returned back from the Registry. The Initial Return Task's status will also be updated from Pending to Completed.