Ontario: Incorporation Filing

  • Updated

As of October 19th, Ontario Registries have changed the requirements to incorporate and now require the following additional fields:

  • NAICS Code
  • NAICS Description
  • NUANS Report Date
  • Business Email Address


Ontario EFile uses our Formation Task to automatically send the required information to the Ontario Registries and Incorporate an Entity with a click of a button. The documents will then be automatically brought back into Athennian for filing into the Virtual Minute Book

Prior to clicking the File Formation button in the Formation Task, you will want to ensure all of the following required fields are populated.


General / Entity Details:

  • Entity Name
    • If you are using a Named Name for this entity the Name contained on your Entity Record in Athennian must match the NUANS report exactly. 
  • Entity Type: Corporation
  • NAICS Code and Description
  • Client Number 

General / Addresses & Agents:

  • Registered Office Address
    • The Jurisdiction Region is required to be Ontario
    • Business Email must be added to the Address Record

Governance / Articles

  • Number of Directors Minimum & Maximum
    • Note that if you want to fix the number of directors you put the Minimum and Maximum as the fixed number. (ie. Minimum 2 and Maximum 2 is considered Fixed Directors at 2)
  • Authorized Share Capital*
  • Restrictions on Share Capital
  • Transfer Restrictions*
  • Other Provisions*
  • Business Provisions*

*special characters are not allowed to be contained in any of these fields. If a special character exists the filing will not be able to be completed. Additionally, there is a 100,000 character limit on all of these fields. 


Principals / Directors

  • Each Director record must have the following information:
    • Status set as Incoming
    • First Director box checked off
    • An Address containing less than 10 characters in each address component

Task / Formation

  • Name Reservation Date
    • Must match NUANS Report date
  • Name Reservation ID
    • NUANS Report number
  • Numbered Company check box 
    • This is only required if you are using a numbered name for the new incorporation. 
  • Incorporator
    • Address is required 
    • If another Entity is the Incorporator rather than a Person you will be required to also add the Name and Title of the Signatory for the Entity. 

Once all of these fields have been completed fully you can now proceed with clicking File Formation on the task!


EFile Details / Confirmation Screen

Two items are contained on the confirmation screen will need to be entered and confirmed prior to agreeing to the filing.

First is at the very top of this preview page next to the entity name you will have the ability to select the legal identifier (ie. Corp, Corporation, Inc., Incorporation, Ltd., Limited) if you are incorporating a numbered corporation.

Second, is you will need to reconfirm which directors are Canadian Residents by clicking on the checkbox next to their name if they meet that criteria. 

If you happen to forget anything we will let you know at this point as well. Ensure to review this screen carefully as this is the information that will be submitted to the Ontario Registries. 


Check out Get Started with Efile for information on all electronic filings Athennian offers.