November 3, 2021: What's new in Athennian

Hali Wong
Hali Wong
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E-file status on Change of Address Tasks

In order to keep you up to date on your e-file tasks we have added the status of your filing on the task it is associated with.  You can now see whether your Change of Address filings are Complete, Pending, Excepted, or Cancelled simply by going to the task and checking the Change of Address section of the task.

Entity Sub-type and Entity Type Description are always available

You may not always know everything about an entity when you're entering it in Athennian.  But you may know enough to add the sub-type and/or a description.  To help you do this quickly, Entity Sub-type and Entity Type Description fields are now available from the Entity Details page whether you've selected an Entity Type or not.

Copies of Custom Reports get unique names

Creating a Custom Report and copying it can be a great way to make reports that need minor changes quickly.  In order to differentiate between multiple copies, we've added version numbers.  

Entity notes are no longer accessible for Summary Only users 

Entity notes are a great place to record important information that internal team members need to know, but that doesn't mean your clients need to see it.  You can now give others Summary Only access and be confident they're only seeing what's relevant to their role.



  • Principals are no longer automatically selected when creating an Organizational Task