Using Custom Titles

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This article provides details on how Custom Titles work!

Custom Titles are used when the available titles/roles are not relevant to the role of the profile created. Custom titles present on Principals, profile address, contacts, Responsible Professionals, Agents, and Other Professionals


To create a new Custom Title, make sure to be in the Roles sub-section of the page;

  1. Click on +Roles to select a role from the drop-down list OR
  2. In the Custom Title field click on the pencil icon > +Add new tile
  3. Type in the name of the Custom Title in the Manage Custom Title sub-page
  4. To add more Custom Titles, click on  +Add new tile or click on the trash can icon to delete an existing custom title
  5. Click on the Done button to save the new title(s) created

With custom titles created, the list would be available in a drop-down once the Custom field is clicked on. Use the search bar to search for specific titles without having to scroll through the entire list. The + icon when searching for a title can easily be used to add a new title to the list.