Creating a Responsible Professional

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To add a Responsible Professional, follow these simple steps!

A Responsible Professional can be created either from the General > Compliance > Responsible Professionals > + section of an entity.


Alternatively, you can create a Responsible Professional from Relationships > Affiliations > + New > Responsible.


1. Details

Once selected, a box will pop up to enter the responsible professional's details. Select the Profile Type and add NOTES if needed.

Select + Add Profile to add the profile. If the profile has not yet been made for this person, click the New button at the bottom left-hand corner of the box.

2. Addresses

To add an address, click the blue + Add Address button.

If there is already an address associated with the profile, select an existing address or add a new address type by clicking + New at the top right-hand corner of the box.

3. Roles

Add their RESPONSIBLE PROFESSIONAL TITLE by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the title most relevant to them. If they have multiple roles, click the blue + Role button.

Add the EFFECTIVE and END dates by selecting the date on the pop-up calendar. If entered manually, please ensure that the date is in this format:


If the responsible professional is still with the organization, the END date can be left blank.

4. Registration

For a registration to be added to the responsible professional, an existing registration must be created beforehand. If the registration has not been made, please follow the steps found here:

Creating a Registration Associating Agents, Responsible Professionals, and Contacts

To add a registration, click the blue + Add Registration button and check the box beside each registration relevant to the responsible professional.

Once everything is confirmed accurate, click the blue Create button at the bottom right-hand corner of the box.