Creating an Agent + Link Associated Registrations

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This article provides steps on how to create a New Agent and link Registrations in Athennian.


To create a new Agent, Navigate to the Affiliations section of the entity and click on Agents. From the Agents tab, click on New > Agents. A new page will pull up with 5 tabs to input data on the agent. 


1. Participants

Click on the Profile Type field and select either Entity or Person. Select the Agents profile or click on New to create a new Person or Entity Record if the Agent is yet to be created in the application. Enter any notes on the agent in the Notes field.

2. Address

Click on +Addresses to select an address for the agent. If none exist in the application, click on +New, enter the address information and click on Create. 

3. Roles

In this tab, select what type of role the agent has either as an Attorney of Service, Address for Service, Agent for Service, e.t.c. If they have a custom title, create a new title in the Custom Title field or leave it blank if not applicable. Enter the Effective Date and move to the next tab or click on +Roles to add additional roles they play if applicable.

4. Registration

Click on +Registration, select a registration and click on the Apply Button.

Note: A new Registration cannot be created from the Agents section. A registration would need to be created first to link an Agent to it. 

5. Review 

A summary of the information entered. If satisfied with the data inputted, click on the Save button.